The new SPEEDtrainer 1.0 is the ultimate EMS whole body training device. With the SPEEDtrainer, you can train all the muscles of your body intensely and simultaneously – in just ten to 15 minutes. With your own SPEEDtrainer, you can carry out this efficient whole body workout anywhere, anytime. Thanks to the patented electrode technology on carbon basis, muscles are targeted more evenly and on a larger scale. This results in an improved training effect and a more pleasant training feel. The SPEEDtrainer system has been newly developed. It is based on more than 20 years of development experience and more than 10 years practical experience with EMS systems.

Set Electrodes

The SPEEDtrainer electrode system consists of a total of six pairs of electrodes, which are attached to the actual muscles by means of velcro bands. As the appropriate size for every area of the body can be individually selected, the electrodes can be positioned with optimal pressure strength. Thanks to the patented electrode technology, a large-scale and even muscle contraction is reached. Even muscles that are located far away from the electrodes can therefore be reached, which results in a pleasant and intense training feel and outstanding training effect. The arm electrodes are placed in the middle of the upper arm and transfer the pulses to the arms.

The electrodes are connected to the distributor of the SPEEDtrainer with the electrode cables. The electrodes are equipped with a coloured 6.3mm jack plug, of which the colour corresponds to the colour of the respective socket in the distributor. At the other end, there are two threaded inserts connecting it to the ports of the electrodes. One set of cables consists of six cables with different lengths which are each individually colour-coded.

Training clothes

The SPEED.FIT training clothes have been specifically developed for SPEEDtraining. The fabric is 95% cotton and their snug fit ensures optimal moisture retention throughout the training session and an excellent conductivity value.

Though the electrodes may be attached directly to the skin, we recommend wearing training clothes underneath. This protects the electrodes from sweat and grease, thereby reducing the need for cleaning and increasing the product life. Having the electrodes attached directly to the skin may also be found uncomfortable by some sensitive people.

SPEEDtrainer Stand

The stand measures 90cm in height. It features a solid glass pane (25x25cm), a standpipe and a device receptacle from brushed aluminium in the same colour as the device. It is also equipped with a mount for the distributor, so that the distributor can be mounted safely and within easy reach. The stand and the SPEEDtrainer create a visual unit – an eye-catcher in every environment. The SPEEDtrainer is situated in a handy position on the stand, meaning the training session can be carried out anywhere, such as in front of the TV.

* All prices with additional shipping cost about 5%.